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Daniel Jarratt

Product manager for research and analytics

I create personalized decision support systems for education

  • Prediction of school enrollment outcomes for state departments of education
  • Personalized college and career readiness and college search

Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA



Master of science in computer science

Bachelor of arts

  • , summa cum laude honors
  • Communication (television and radio), humanities


White House and U.S. Department of Education

  • Education Datapalooza (highlighted in keynote; presented to Undersecretary; 2013)
  • Education Datapalooza (2012)

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, College Summit, King Center Charter School

  • College Knowledge Challenge (competitive $100,000 grant; 2012)

Software and Information Industry Association

  • Top 10 in 2012 Innovation Incubator (2012)

Boy Scouts of America

  • Eagle Scout (2003)

Media coverage

The Weightlist. "From admissions counselor to data scientist" (2018).

Kentucky Teacher. "Crafting a better tool for dropout prevention" (2016).

Chronicle of Higher Education. "Netflix-like algorithm drives new college-finding tool" (2014).

New England Cable News. "Maine company helps high school seniors with college" (2014).


Product manager for research and analytics student information system

  • Data science product manager for Campus Analytics Suite, which includes a large machine-learned school dropout early warning system, data warehousing, data quality, and visualization tools.
  • Planned the strategy for bringing education data analysis tools to market, including competitive intelligence and customer communication, roadmaps, funding and revenue projections, and new market discovery.
  • Raised $1 million of external funding to embed post-doctoral researchers in our product team and rapidly prototype state-of-the-art products.
  • Envisioned, planned, and fundraised for Infinite Campus's cloud-based research-infrastructure-as-a-service products and services, including coordination between major state agencies, universities, and school districts.
  • Advised CEO and executive team, wrote policy proposals, and represented the company to external stakeholders.

Data scientist

  • Designed and implemented machine-learned school dropout early warning system for millions of K-12 students nationwide. Wrote predictive system bias detection and mitigation.
  • Wrote automated pipelines to manage data preparation, model building, evaluation, and user experience. Used extract-transform-load (ETL) practices to combine and clean data from multiple sources.
  • Explored data and created hypotheses, then wrote experiments to test them, often in the form of predictive models.
  • Communicated results in a productionized customer-facing endpoint, as a prototype using a tool like R and Shiny, or in presentations or written documents.

R, SQL, Python

Software engineer

  • Developed software in Java and SQL, with some additional work in JavaScript, XML, CSS, and Apache FOP.
  • Wrote automated tests. Implemented code to business requirements and set up testing sites for quality assurance.
  • Promoted to data scientist, a new role at Infinite Campus equivalent to senior software engineer and team technical lead.


Recommender systems consultant — employer confidential (among largest in college search industry)

  • Advised leadership team on personalized college search technology.
  • Prototyped recommender systems.

Software engineering Ph.D. internGoogle Now (now Google Assistant)
Summer 2014

  • Designed and implemented location-based recommendation software extending Google Maps and Assistant.
  • Deployed application to data centers.

C++, Python, JavaScript

Recommender systems consultantGet Schooled

  • Advised leadership team on personalized college and career readiness systems.

Technical product managerPossibilityU

  • Defined and prioritized the product roadmap and managed the implementation team. Full responsibility for the college recommender system.
  • Managed stakeholder collaboration including school administrators, families, student services staff, other vendors, and internal people and processes.

Entrepreneur, software engineer, product manager — College Recommender

  • Envisioned and built college and career readiness software to infer college search preferences and create personalized recommendations.
  • Sold the technology to PossibilityU in an aquisition-and-hire.

Scholarship program staffNational Merit Scholarship Corporation

Admission counselorValparaiso University

International office internReutlingen University

Invited talks

Minnesota Department of Education

  • Regional Centers of Excellence (2018)
  • Early Indicator and Response System leadership (2018)

Kentucky Department of Education

  • with Louisville Promise and United Community (2018)
  • Directors of Pupil Personnel (2017)
  • Persistence to Graduation statewide staff conference (2017)
  • Chief officers (2016)
  • Persistence to Graduation statewide staff conference (2016)

Infinite Campus

  • All-hands (2019)
  • Engineering all-hands (2018)
  • for Senator Amy Klobuchar (2017)
  • All-hands (2016)

Montana Office of Public Instruction

  • Data Use Culture Conference (2019)

Bureau of Indian Education

  • Native American Student Information System leadership (2018)

Mississippi Department of Education

  • Office of Research and Analytics leadership (2018)


  • Sports analytics conference (2017)


  • Google Now, now Assistant: global team (2014)